Neglected Miniature Horse And His Duck Pal Are Looking To Be Adopted Together

Good friends go through tough times together. 

Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Bucks County works to find large animals forever homes that will properly take care of them. 

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A 6-year-old miniature horse named Waffles and his beloved duck pal was living under unsatisfactory conditions in Pennsylvania and luckily were rescued. Now they two are looking for a forever home that will show them how animals should be treated.

Waffles has the best character. His favorite food is carrots, and he also loves eating grass. In his spare time, he likes playing in the yard with his farm duck named Hemingway.


The duo has formed an unlikely bond that warms people’s hearts. 


They are hoping to find someone with room in their heart for a sweet mini horse and lovely goose. They must be adopted together for they are inseparable. 

A spokesman for the Bucks County SPCA, Cindy Kelly told “Good Morning America”: “We have them in the barn together and one of the staff observed one day that Hemingway was leaning his head in and kind of had his neck wrapped over Waffle’s shoulder.”

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The two even comfort each other when one of them is sick. When Waffles felt bad once, his duck friend, Hemingway, sat by his side to comfort him and show him he wasn’t alone.

Those who are interested in adopting the lovely duo may stop by Bucks County SPCA’s website for more information.
Here’s the video of the adorable pair:

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