Naughty Pooch Steals Her Owners Dentures And Brags With Her Brand New Smile

Maggie is a Naughty little Shih Tzu-Chihuahua mix pup. She’s a real button-pusher that knows no boundaries. Her momma, a Twitter user called ‘Euny’, was completely blinded by her dog’s adorableness and wasn’t aware of Maggie’s Mischievous nature. That was, until the day her father came for a visit.

After spending the morning together with his beloved daughter, Euny’s father laid on her couch for an afternoon rest. He set his dentures on the coffee table and fell into a peaceful sleep, but when he woke up his dentures were nowhere to be found.

He knew that they were right next to him, but his daughter, Euny, thought that her father might just be having another senior moment. They’ve desperately searched the whole house, but grew desperate with each passing minute. Then, Maggie appeared with a bold new look. 

It turns out that while Euny’s father was sleeping, the naughty pup playfully stole his dentures and wandered around the neighborhood to brag about her new smile.

Obviously, the first thing the father and daughter did, once the mystery unfolded, was to take these priceless pictures, and tweeted them for the whole world to enjoy.

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