Naughty Dog Discretely Sneaks Out To Visit Her Horsey Friend

Brittany Young loves to sing and post many of her performances online, but recently her pooch has started to draw all the attention instead. Brittany’s dog, Daisy May, is one of the cutest boxers you’ve ever seen! 

Although the doggy is much older now, she still has an impressive number of fans; thus, many of her YouTube videos have gone viral quite quickly.

Beautiful Daisy May loves the attention; she’s a real diva.

The determined dog always gets whatever she wants and isn’t afraid to make some noise until she does. She has a bold personality, and never gives up on her wishes.

For example, Daisy May loves to run to the neighbor’s house and say hello, but they live really far away, so she isn’t allowed. Brittany’s instructions don’t scare the sweet pooch one bit, and she usually just runs over to the neighbors anyway.

It’s so far that Brittany and her family must come and pick up Daisy May with their car! What a hassle. 

Nevertheless, Brittany is happy that Daisy May gets to run around and burn off some energy. 

Brittany and Daisy May might have a horsey friend! Although the picture is pretty blurry, we can obviously see that this character is definitely not a dog.

Brittany picks up Daisy May from the neighbors with her car pretty often, due to the doggy’s great sense of adventure. Daisy May doesn’t like being in a car, and can’t wait to get home so they could play and have fun quality time together!

Nevertheless, it looks like the canine knows that she made a naughty girl to go to the neighbor’s house, because she’s acting pretty quiet in the car, as if she’s nervous.

Daisy May’s mom is very understanding and never chooses to punish her beloved pooch. She explained to Daisy May that the neighbor’s house isn’t theirs and that she needs to stay close, so mommy could watch over her and take good care of her.

It seems as if Daisy May understands. After all, she loves her mommy and wants to please her. 

Except for Brittany, Daisy May is pretty condescending to everyone, including her little human brother, Mac. Back in the day, the two were quite a dynamic duo. However, nowadays she barely looks his way, probably because she feels that she’s just too cool for him.

Brittany spends many of her days chasing after Daisy May and trying to discipline her. Nevertheless, she always feels as if everything she says just goes in through one ear and out the other. She knows that Daisy May will return to the neighbor’s house pretty soon, as if she was ultimately allowed to do so.

Daisy May won’t listen! She’s like a rebelling teenager, who believes that she knows best. Over time, her feelings of angst and boredom are quickly transformed into helplessness and dismay. You can feel that she wants to come out of the car and play right now!

We just loved watching the adorable canine’s video! It went viral so quickly for all the right reasons and people keep commenting on it. The sweet pooch comes back home unwillingly, and the way she acts on the video is hilarious.

You can see in the video how quick her emotions shift and how she grows impatient with every moment that she spends on the ride back home. We were laughing and feeling sad for the outdoorsy canine at the same time.  

The part we liked the most was when she was wiggling her head to say no. It was almost like she was saying the words!

Brittany shares that Daisy May doesn’t like to be disciplined or be told what to do 24/7. Brittany doesn’t care; she loves Daisy May just the way she is. Nevertheless, Brittany is sorrowful that she doesn’t hang out with Mac anymore.

Daisy May and Mac used to play together every day, and Brittany doesn’t understand the rift that grew between them. From what Brittany says, it seems as if Daisy May always runs away whenever Mac comes back home after school. 

On the one hand, Mac stays sad and lonely and on the other hand, Daisy May doesn’t mean to be cruel; she’s just too cool for school. Due to her unique personality, it’s hard to blame her; all she wants is to run around and have fun as a true rebel.

According to The Whole Dog Journal, Daisy’s whines do have meaning:

Another possibility is that Daisy May misses Mac so much while he’s at school, that she needs to run out and have lots of adventures to ease her mind. What a cutie!

Whatever the reason may be, we genuinely hope that Daisy May and Mac will return to being BFFs and put their relationship back on track.

We also wish for Daisy May to have the best life with her forever family!

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