Mysterious Yellow Bird Turned Out To Be Herring Gull Covered In Curry

Members of the public noticed a yellow object lying on the side of the A41. As they approached to see what it was, they realized it was a big yellow bird who struggled to get back on its feet and fly.

They sprang into action and contacted the wildlife sanctuary to tell them about the yellow bird and ask them for guidance. The wildlife sanctuary told them to bring it over and didn’t know what to expect. The compassionate members of the public brought the poor bird to the Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Haddenham, Aylesbury. Soon they figured that the mysterious bird was a Herring Gull.

The staff washed the bird and worked hard to remove the pungent yellow substance of its feathers. They discovered that the yellow color was curry or turmeric (God knows how it got there). Luckily the yellow color got out and now he’s back to be a knight in shining armor.

Unfortunately, the Herring Gull was unable to fly because of the unknown yellow substance but the sanctuary says that he will be released soon.

Wildlife sanctuary’s Facebook post says: “This is one of the strangest casualty circumstances we have seen in a while!”

The pictures below were taken by the staff while they washed the yellow bird.

After the bird got washed.

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