Mysterious Batman Saves Animals’ Lives

Heroes do not exist only in the movies. Meet Chris Van Dorn. He might not have real superpowers, but he’s surely a superhero. Van Dorn fights for helpless animals that have no home.

Shelter dogs and cats spend weeks and years at times, caged, wondering when and if they will ever find a forever home. Luckily, Van Dorn goes above and beyond to save their lives and give them hope. 

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The 27-year-old superhero dresses up as Batman and volunteers with animals all around Orlando, Florida. He wanted to do something unique that will catch people’s eyes and make a buzz out of it to raise awareness, so he dressed up as a superhero.

Moreover, Van Dorn didn’t want to start helping shelter animals to get credit but rather out of the pure desire to make their lives better. Another reason to dress up as Batman was to stay anonymous so that people won’t recognize him. 

Then, the mysterious man from Orlando was announced as ‘GoFundMe Hero’ and revealed his name. The superhero wanted to expand his influence and so established a nonprofit organization in 2018, Batman4Paws. Ever since, Chris has been traveling around Orlando to save animals from euthanasia.

He travels around the country with his Honda Accord, but he hopes to find someone who will donate the organization a van which will allow him to rescue more animals.

Batman usually rescues animals within a 500-mile radius of Orlando, but he’ll go wherever he’s needed to save animals’ lives. 

He writes on his Batman4Paws page:

“He likes to stay within 500 miles of his home base in Orlando, Florida but has been known to extend his ring of service if the need arises and he is available to make it happen. He’s gone all the way to Vermont and back before! He hopes to expand his reach as his rescue grows.”

Chris’s outstanding work has influenced many to adopt and rescue animals.

Over 800 people have donated collectively more than $35,000 while the goal is $40,000. But there’s still $5,000 more to go, and you can now support the organization on its GoFundMe page.

Thank you Chris Van Dorn for rescuing animals for certain deaths and giving them hope for a better life.

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