Must-See! Shy Meerkat Newborn And Its Family Greet Photographer

Meet mamekoro51, a talented Japanese photographer who loves photographing baby animals- all kinds of animal, even meerkats! When the photographer visited Inokashira Natural Cultural Park in Musashino City, Tokyo, he stumbled into a shy meerkat and its adorable family.
The meerkat family consisted of super-cute newborns and adults. One of the newborns was a bit skeptic about the photographer at first; it hid behind the wall corner while keeping a watchful eye on him. The shy newborn quickly gained some confidence and went out to greet the animal lover. The pictures are the most adorable thing!


Inkashira Park Zoo is a unique place. Besides having all kinds of beautiful Japanese species, it works to help the conservation of breeding of swans, mandarin ducks, and squirrels.

The adorable animal is native to Namibia’s desert, Botswana’s desert, South Africa and southwestern Angola’s desert. The meerkat’s life span is about 12 to 14 years in captivity, while in the wild it’s about 6 to 7 years. Meerkats groups are quite large; they usually consist of 20 to 50 individuals.


The adults in the gang protect and nurture the little ones. When there’s a threat around the corner, the nurturers take the pups underground in which they are safe and ready to act in cases they are in danger.
Surprisingly, there are times in which the adult meerkats want their offspring to have a better social position in the group, and so they kill the others’ newborn.


As it’s common in nature, the young ones are influenced by the adults; they observe their behavior and mimic them. Adult meerkats are known for being patient and teaching the young. The females can get pregnant from the age of two and have a maximum of four pups.

Thank you mamekoro51 for taking these incredible pics!

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