Musical Golden Plays The Wind Chimes And Sings Along

It appears that just like humans, dogs can also have their own unique talents. Bleu, a 4-year-old musical golden retriever, loves to sing along to a rather unusual instrument – wind chimes.

The diligent doggo has been perfecting her skill ever since she accidentally discovered it, back when she was only a 4-month-old puppy.

Ana Brown, Bleu’s mother, was cleaning the back yard one day, and temporarily hanged the wind chimes on a low hook, to get them out of the way. The curious doggo was immediately fascinated by the peculiar shiny metal tubes. She got closer to get a better look when her head hit the chimes. Ana and her husband were worried that the noise might harm the pooch’s delicate ears, but to their surprise, Bleu instantly started singing along with the wind chimes.

From that day forward, Bleu persistently goes outside (at least) once a day to play her favorite tunes. She starts by hitting the wind chimes with her head, and then adorably joins in, tilting her head back, and wagging her tail in excitement. Ana speculates that her doggo isn’t actually singing, but tries to keep in tune with the wind chimes. Either way, we’re certain that this doggie has a promising career ahead of her. Check out her latest single – Feeling Bleu:

Although she’s completely unaware of it, Bleu has quite a large dedicated fan base. When Ana posted her dog’s first video to Facebook last June, the video received 100,000 shares within the first 24 hours. Now, the total number of views Bleu’s videos gained adds up to a staggering amount of 19.7 million views. Ana receives messages from people from all over the world who are enchanted by her dog’s unique talent.

Check out Bleu’s Facebook page and let Ana know what you think of her dog’s singing.

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H/T – The Dodo

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