Meet Blaze, The Internet’s First Multi-Colored Labrador Retriever

Blaze is a 10-year-old doggo that lives with his owners in Finland. He spent most of his days living a fairly ordinary life, but recently something about him changed drastically. White spots gradually began to appear on his black coat. Now, almost a year later, Blaze is the internet’s first multi-colored labrador retriever.

Blaze is a healthy and energetic pooch that loves to run around and explore the great outdoors. He always looked like any other lab, up until he turned 9 last year. Santeri, Blaze’s owner first noticed that a white spot appeared on his dog’s ear, but thought nothing of it. Over the next few months, more and more white patches began to appear on the pooch, so Santeri took him to the vet. It turns out that Blaze has Vitiligo, a condition that is mostly associated with humans, but apparently, can also affect dogs. The condition causes the skin or fur to lose pigmentation over time, without having any other affect the overall health.

Recently the man shared a picture of the doggo on a Facebook group called Dogspotting Society, which caught people’s attention and quickly went viral. The image produced over 32K reactions and people couldn’t get enough of the unique-looking pooch.

We’re proud to bring you this compilation of the best pictures of the internet’s first viral Multi-Colored Labrador Retriever. Enjoy!

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  1. Sandra Smith

    I had a litter in October 2018 with my female black lab and my male yellow lab. There were 2 black and white babies born out of that litter!

  2. Blaze Hildebrand

    I have never been more honored in my life.

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