Moving! Dog Shaped Could Makes Families Who Have Lost Their Dog Cry

Losing a canine companion is one of the hardest things a person could go through. Those who have never owned a dog before would never understand the pain. They storm into our lives and capture our hearts, and with a short life span of around 11 years, they leave us within an instant.


After the loss of our furry friends, they cross our minds daily for they took a huge part in our lives. Some like to believe that their dearly departed crossed the rainbow bridge and watch over us from the sky.

When someone saw a photo of a cloud formed like a pooch, it was no doubt it would pull at former dog owners’ heartstrings and that why he decided to post it on Facebook in hopes, it would comfort and touch people’s hearts.


The photo spread like wildfire as soon as it was shared, and thousands of people got teary eyes from the heartwarming picture, seemingly thinking about their precious canines.

Take a look here:

Although we all knew when we adopted our dogs that time to part ways was inevitable thinking about how incredible and what an amazing impact they had on our lives is one thing that could surely warm our hearts. 

Moreover, looking at this photo is another thing that makes us think about our furry partners in crime, knowing that they have it good in dog heaven.

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