Mother Duck Visits A Nursing Home With Her Ducklings Every Spring

Here at Go Animals, we’re used to reporting about incredible and unique relationships people form with animals. To be honest though, these animals are mostly cats and dogs. We were totally shocked when we read about this mother duck, who visits the same nursing home with her ducklings once a year, and in perfect timing.

The mother duck shows up every May with her newborn ducklings. The adorable gang takes a tour through the main corridor of the MM Ewing Continuing Care Center in Canandaigua, upstate New York. All the residents of the facility walk out of their rooms and cheer as the newborn ducklings walk passed them. It’s such a heartwarming sight.

Staff members of the MM Ewing Continuing Care Center snapped pictures of the incredible event. They then shared the pictures through their parent company’s Facebook page. The post reads:  “Every year, mama follows the same path. Facility Services associates – one of whom said, “She has us trained” – have old signage to gently guide her and her babies in case they look like they’re about to get sidetracked. They head to the light from an open door at the end of the corridor.” 

The first picture shows the staff members holding old signs, that they use for guiding the ducks safely through the corridor. The second shows a lovely staff member who holds the door open for the mother and her ducklings. Both the third and fourth pictures show how the mother and her litter, walk straight to the wide-open park that lies outside the facility. 

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It wasn’t long before the internet fell in love with the mamma duck and her litter. One commenter wrote: “It’s wonderful to see a mama take care of her children. God bless and also kudos for the door holder”. Another added: “Thank you for sharing. That is so precious. Mrs. Duck is very smart and wise [for] protecting her young”. and a commenter named Jenifer Gray Cheney, wrote: “I can’t even stand how cute this is! If this is annual, she must realize it’s a safe place”.

We can’t wait to see next year’s pictures! Until then stay safe, and raise your babies well sweet mother duck!

Have any friends in Canandaigua, NY? Share this with them so they could pop by the next time the mother duck visits with her ducklings!

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