Mother Dog Hears Puppies Wailing And Sneaks Out The Cage To Help

Worried Dog Sneaks Out of Kennel Just to Comfort Two Scared, Crying Foster Puppies

There are times when we are away, and we can’t have our dogs with us. Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming provides boarding services in Alberta, Canada and watches over dogs in a lovely environment while their human companions are away.

A few years back, the staff members saw something that melted their hearts. 

Besides providing private services, they also help local shelters by taking in homeless dogs. At that time, they welcomed two adorable puppies who were unfortunately separated from their mom. 

The caring motel posted on their Facebook page: “We aren’t a rescue, we are a boarding kennel that fosters for rescues when we can and they need us.”

The puppies had a hard night missing their mother. It’s not easy to be little puppies without their mom’s love and security that she provides. Maggie, a dog that had a forever family, heard the pups’ heartbreaking wailing, and since she was a mother herself, she did something incredible.

Compassionate Maggie somehow opened the door and started following the puppies’ whinings. As she finally spotted them, she rushed over and tried to get closer to them. Since they were in their kennel, the amazing pooch did the best she could; put her nose up to the kennel.

After she tried to get closer unsuccessfully, she realized she couldn’t open the door. And so, decided to lie close to them to show them they weren’t alone. 

The staff members were shocked. They hearts melted. They opened the kennel door so she could go inside and support them. Turned out, that she also had puppies that were taken away from her a while back.

They added on their Facebook post, “we put them together for a while and all 3 of them were so happy!!!”.

As expected, the story went viral. It’s hard to keep dry eyes after seeing the pictures of the mother and the two puppies. People weren’t surprised for animals and especially the mothers among them, are super sensitive to little puppies, it’s like something suddenly turns on in their hearts.

Happily, the post drew lots of attention, so the two adorable puppies found a loving home. Thank you, Maggie, for being you and the Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming for taking them in.

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