Mother Cat Runs Through Fire To Rescue Her 5 Kittens

A mother would do anything for her children.

Firefighter David Gianelli and his team were called to an abandoned garage in Brooklyn that caught fire. They arrived shortly after the emergency call and were able to contain and extinguish the fire. 

As the smoke poured from the house, Gianelli noticed something that later pulled at the world’s heartstrings. The firefighter saw a cat mom walking through the fire while carrying her kittens, one by one back to safety. She grabbed each, and every one of them by her mouth to put them away from the fire and ran back to rescue the next one.

The mother herself wasn’t in good shape; it seemed like she had severely injured during the fire. Her ears, paws, and fur were burned, and she could barely keep her eyes closed.

As soon as she grabbed the last one, she went back to her litter and checked them with her nose one by one to see whether they were fine. Then the brave cat fell unconscious. 

Gianelli was moved and impressed by the mother cat’s courage and love. He knew he would help her and provide her with proper medical attention.

The compassionate firefighter took the cat family to The North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, New York and then heard that one of her kittens died due to its wounds.

Three months later, the cat named Scarlett and her babies fully recovered and were more than ready to find their forever homes.

The story went instantly viral and touched people’s hearts all over the globe. The clinic received around 7,000 letters from incredible people who wanted to adopt the furry family. 

While they received thousands of letters from different countries such as Japan, South Africa, and the Netherlands, they decided that a family from Paris would have the honor to adopt them.

The lucky adoptive mother is Karen Wellen. She herself experienced a road accident and lost her beloved furball. When Scarlett was around 13 years old, she passed, and The North Shore Animal League decided to make an award in honor of brave Scarlett, “Scarlett Award for Animal Heroism.”

Precious Scarlett appeared as the main character in a book named “Scarlett Saves the family.”

Scarlett’s heroic story still lingers on although she passed a decade ago. We are happy that Scarlett eventually found her forever loving home, which took good care of her and her kittens as well.

The brave mother cat is an inspiration and proof that animals have big hearts. Rest in peace, precious mother.

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