Most Joyful Animal Always Has A Smile On Its Face

The world is full of wonders, and this creature is one of the most adorable animals out there. Meet the Quakkas, if you’re lucky enough you can find them in Rottnest Island, Australia. 

As Quakkas give us a good reason to travel to Australia, you can also find a lot of comfort in scrolling down and see their happy smiles. Going out for a walk or taking a good foot massage isn’t necessary anymore, just screenshot these sweet furry animals, and all your stress would be out of the window. 

The quakkas are about the size of a domestic cat, they are herbivorous and usually active when it gets dark. During the daytime, they get some rest under tall plants that humans don’t tend to walk nearby. The little angels are also known as “wanderers” for they wander into yards and campsites to grab some food and leave.

They don’t roam to long distances, and luckily the island is free of predators so they can live safely without being worried that a cat or a fox would hunt them.

We have no doubt that these joyful buttercups would make you smile because they surely put a smile on our faces.

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