Most Adorable! Service Dogs Go To Watch A Musical To Learn Theater Behavior

Service dogs go to the theater and capture the internet’s heart.

When the K-9 Country Inn Service Dogs wanted to train their charming dogs to behave themselves in theaters, the staff members took them to the Stratford Festival to attend a private Billie Elliot – The Musical performance.

The intelligent dogs were expected to sit and watch the show without getting distracted by the music, lighting, or dancers on stage and so they did as you may see in the pictures.

Their mission is extremely important. When they are ready to be responsible for guiding and assisting their human companions, their handlers will rely on them.

The Billie Elliot show wasn’t a regular one. It was a Relaxed Performance which was designed to fit people with disabilities’ needs. The theaters are accessible, plus, the lighting and music are presented differently, more calmly.

The whole attitude is much more relaxed so people with autism, intellectual or learning disabilities and others could enjoy the performance without being distracted.

We wish all the adorable pooches good luck! May you help and better the lives of people with disabilities.

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