Most Adorable Golden Retriever Pup Won’t Let Go Of Its Stuffed Animal He Grew Up With

Stuffed animals are surely an important part of our childhood, but as we grow in size and personality, we slowly separate from them since we are confident enough and not needing them any longer.

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The inseparable duo ❤️ #truelovestory

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Many believe that when it comes to pets, they don’t need a stuffed friend or a toy to comfort them when times are bad when the opposite is true. Everyone needs a source of happiness and confidence as they grow up, even dogs!

Pets need toys as well, and some of them love them so much to the point that they will never let them go.

Meet Barley, an adorable Golden Retriever from Amsterdam. The one-year-old pup is obsessed with the stuffed dog that he grew up with and refuses to let it go.

His stuffed dog’s name is Fluffy, and Zita Butler, the pooch’s owner, got it for him when she first adopted him. The stuffed dog was fluffy and bigger than Barely!  The sweet pup has his furry friend since he could remember, and he isn’t planning on part ways with it. What a loyal dog!

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Butler got the stuffed dog in hopes it would help Barely feeling accompanied and at home, but she never thought that Barely would love Fluffy so much. As you can see in the photos, Barely refuses to do stuff without his childhood friend even walking around the house!

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Squad goals

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Barely carries his stuffed animal by his mouth and makes sure Fluffy is by his side around the clock. 

Everyone is smitten by the sweet pooch who adores his toy so much. Neighbors and passersby love taking pictures with him and sharing his adorableness.

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Wherever Fluffy goes, Barley goes ❤️ #twinning

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Well, we can’t blame them! Look how cute Barely and Fluffy are together.

The undivided duo captured the internet and is still going viral for all the right reasons.

You can follow up with the adorable pair on their Instagram account.

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