Most Adorable Dolphins Are Pink

When we see pictures of pink dolphins, we must stare again because they look like animals from a fairytale.

Not only that pink dolphins truly exist, but they can also be found in southern Louisiana, near the Lake Charles region and in the Gulf of Mexico.

But the place that is known for pink dolphin sightseeing is Calcasieu Ship Channel. In that special channel, you could see pink dolphins with their adorable babies.

You probably wonder why they are pink. Well, some experts believe that the pink dolphins are albino, which means that the lack of pigment on their skin makes the blood vessels visible, giving them a pinky shade.

The first who reported the sighting of the pink mom dolphin a few years ago was Erik Rue, a local employee who works on a charter boat as a captain.

While the beautiful dolphin swam by the boat, he rushed to take some pictures of the incredible animal and his other marine friends.

Pink dolphins can be both male and female, but the boat captain was sure that dolphin he saw, “Pinky”, was a female. He was fascinated by her and liked to look for her during mating seasons.

A visitor named Bridget Boudreaux said she once saw the Pinky with her pink baby. She and her husband had to capture the remarkable sight and took videos but didn’t capture the pink dolphin and her calf together.

What an adorable animal!

Don’t miss the precious video of the pink dolphins:

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