Moose Taking A Swim In This Couple’s Backyard

With pretty much the entire world confined to their homes, wild animals feel more comfortable going to places they haven’t gone before. This time it’s an uninvited wild moose that’s taking a casual swim in this Ottowa couple’s backyard.

Paul Koch was making himself his morning cup of coffee when he spotted the large female moose out of the corner of your eye. The distressed wild animal stepped on his pool’s solar panel and fell inside the pool. The cover got tangled around her leg, and despite her various attempts, she couldn’t get herself free and out of the pool.

Living in the same house for nearly 40 years, Koch never saw wild animals getting this close to his city home before. Seeing how distressed his uninvited visitor was, Koch quickly ran to untangle her. Despite being free at last, the moose showed no intention of going anywhere. Instead, she began joyfully swimming around the man’s pool. Moose are known for being skilled swimmers and this one was no different. Moose spend many of the winter months in rivers and lakes, feeding on underwater plants. They can even dive and hold their breath for up to a minute.

The man soon realized why the moose wasn’t leaving. She couldn’t find her way out. Paul and his wife contacted the Ottowa RCMP and wildlife services, who soon arrived at the scene. Workers of the wildlife services tried to sedate the moose in order to get her out of the pool, but unfortunately, failed to do so. Thankfully, all the wild animal needed was just a little more time. When the wildlife specialists realized that they could not give the moose tranquilizers, they stepped back. This allowed the magnificent beast to calmly find the exit on her own.

Finally, after three and a half hours, the moose found the exit. She ran, jumped over the man’s fence, and disappeared amidst the trees. The police followed her and later confirmed she safely made it back to the wooded area from which she came. Koch could finally assess the damage done to his pool. Aside from the two new hoof-sized holes, the moose left him as a souvenir, the pool (and the moose) survived the event without a scratch.

Watch the moose taking a swim in the pool here:

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