Montreal Couple Feed Stray Cat. She Later Returns With Her Four Adorable Kittens

Being true cat lovers, Melanie and Kurtis from Montreal, Canada don’t just care for their own felines but also leave some cat food on their balcony, for the neighborhood’s less fortunate stray cats.

One morning, a sneaky black kitten showed up on the couple’s porch. Like always, the two immediately gave the cat some food, water, and a whole lot of much-needed petting. After receiving all the love and care she needed, the kitten went on her way. To the couple’s much surprise, when she returned a few hours later, she was accompanied by her four furbabies.

The curious kittens, who followed their mother back to the couple’s house, jumped all over the porch in excitement and investigated all the weird human things they’ve kept on their front porch.

The couple, naturally, rushed to the pet store and bought some more cat food for the adorable kitties. The mamma cat trusted the couple so much that she felt comfortable enough to leave her offsprings with them.

Even though they really wanted to, the couple couldn’t care for the feline family, since they’d already had two older cats that required their full attention. They kept feeding the kittens until one day, their neighbor came by and asked to adopt two of them. knowing their neighbor, Kurtis and Melanie were pleased to know that, at least some of the kittens, found such a warm and loving home.

Kurtis and Melanie didn’t want the remaining two kittens to be separated, so they’ve contacted The Chatons Orphelins Montréal asking if they could find them a forever home together. The people at the shelter were happy to accept the two kittens, and at the time of writing, are still looking to find them a fitting forever home. They even named them Kurt and Mel, after their kind saviors.

As for the original Kurt and Mel – the two are still on the lookout for the elusive mamma cat. They want to get her spayed and find her the warm forever home that she deserves.

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