Monkey Adopts A Stray Pup, Feeds Him, And Protects Him Against Other Dogs

As devoted animal lovers, we at Go Animals come across numerous stories of unusual relationships between animals of different species. But this one is, without a doubt, one of the most incredible ones we’ve ever come across. 

A female macaque monkey, became hot news in her home town of Erode, India, after forming an unusual relationship with a stray pup. Tourists and locals described the two’s bond as “the most caring in the world”.

The mother monkey cares for the little helpless pup as if he was her own

She inspects him for lice

She lets him eat first

She protects him against other stray dogs

And takes him with her anywhere she goes

The locals are so touched by the duo’s unique relationship, that they started leaving food out for them

This story goes to show that no matter the ethnicity, color, gender, or even species, a strong relationship can be formed with anyone.

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