Mommy Otter Carries Her Baby On Her Tummy To Keep It Dry While Swimming

Suzi Eszterhas is a well-known nature photographer who has a special spot in her heart for otters. For the past twenty years, Suzi has devoted her life to otters and loves to spend her days watching them from afar.

By doing so, the photographer became quite the expert in all matters concerning otters; she has practically memorized their routine.

One day, Suzi was taking pictures in Monterey Bay, California, when she came across a spectacular mommy – baby moment.

suzi eszterhas /minden/solent

Apparently, this behavior is quite uncommon in the otter world. When otters procreate, the adults usually don’t form a close bond with their youngsters and won’t bother to spend a lot of time with them.

This mommy otter kept her baby close and took care of him in a very caring manner. The witty mommy got creative and found an excellent way to keep her pup warm, dry, and happy; he regularly rides on her belly, as she carries him from one point to the other. She warms her baby’s body temperature by blowing her warm air on his fur as she carries him around. It’s easy to see that she genuinely cares about the little one and his well-being

suzi eszterhas /minden/solent

Suzi was astonished by the mommy’s behavior. She was also stunned that she didn’t seem to mind the nosy photographer. While the mommy was hunting for food, she left her sweet baby near Suzi, like she was supposed to watch him or something.

suzi eszterhas /minden/solent

The cute family tried to get better acquainted with Suzi, but she was afraid that she might scare them or interrupt their routine, so she kept a safe distance.

suzi eszterhas /minden/solent

Suzi loved the fact that the mommy otter was so calm around her and hoped that with time, the otter family will gain more confidence and feel comfortable to interact with her.

This time, Suzi did more than just take pictures. You must watch the sweet mommy caring for her beloved baby, nature won’t stop blowing our minds with its wonders.  

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