Mom Lets Her Boy Pick Any Animal At Shelter, He Chooses A Gigantic Senior Cat

Children can be underestimated at times. They have more heart and compassion that we may think. When this little boy was told to pick any animal he wanted at an animal shelter, his choice was unlikely for a kid.

Choosing between dogs and cats, puppies and seniors, tiny and huge isn’t easy but the 10-year-old boy, Easton knew exactly what he wanted once he saw it.

When he walked into the Exploits Valley SPCA in Canada, he saw a gigantic, ginger senior cat named Tiny. The orange chonk was dropped off with his sibling Trinity in the shelter after their family couldn’t care for them anymore. 

On the way home, the rescue cat came out of its cage and climbed onto the boy’s laps for cuddles.

It was love at first sight, Easton came in the shelter with empty hands and came back home with a majestic feline.

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