Mockingbird Gets Snowshoes To Fix Her Deformed Feet

At times, when vets are trying to help injured animals, they need to get somewhat creative. When the people of the California Wildlife Center came across a mockingbird with deformed feet, the experienced volunteers found the most adorable way of helping the needy fowl. Thankfully the birdie eventually got her freedom back, and we got some adorable pics to savor. After all, it’s not every day that you see a mockingbird that gets a pair of ‘snowshoes’.

The mockingbird’s injury made her feet knuckle, a fairly common, yet possibly life-threatening condition for young birds. The deformation made simple everyday tasks difficult for the helpless birdie. She couldn’t perch, grab objects, or even walk. In addition, the deformed posture made the bird put her entire weight on the top of her toes, worsening her injury even more. Thankfully, the kind volunteers knew exactly how to train her feet back to their original form.

The moment the Mockingbird Gets her Snowshoes

The kind people of the California Wildlife Center, creatively put together a pair of cardboard ‘snowshoes’ and taped them to the birdie’s feet, after setting them back to their natural position. Apparently, the adorable birdie walked around with her adorable ‘snowshoes’ for a couple of weeks before recovering.

Upon further research, we happily came to learn that “The treatment was successful and the bird is now snowshoe-free and on the road to full recovery!” Yey!

Thankfully, it seems that it won’t be long before the mockingbird will return to the wild, and delight us with her wonderful singing.

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