Missing Dog Reunited With Owner After 8 Years And Recognizes Him Immediately

If you know anyone who ever lost their pet, share this story with them as it might bring them a bit of much-needed hope. When this dog went missing, his owner was left devasted and had little hope of ever being reunited with him. It took eight years, but happily, he was eventually proven wrong!

Back in 2012, Stevie Rodger had two adorable German Shepherds – Konan and Kavik. Living in the Scottish countryside, the man often let his doggos roam the ranch freely and run around chasing birds. One day, he let them outside his home to go to the bathroom, just like any other day, when the two managed to find their way outside his gate.

The two dogs found their way into Rodger’s neighbor’s sheep field and chased them around just for kicks. Rodger’s neighbor didn’t think it was amusing at all. He didn’t recognize the two doggos or care for them much. All he cared about were his sheep, so he picked up his shotgun and brutally shot the doggos.

Poor Konan was killed on the spot, but Kavik miraculously wasn’t killed and managed to escape. Unfortunately, he got badly injured in the incident. The family did whatever they could to find their missing dog. They hanged signs spoke to every shop owner in the area and offered a hefty reward, but sadly all their efforts were in vain.

In a post on the website Dog Lost, the family wrote: “Kavik is his daddy’s boy and may not come when called by another person. If you see him please call either of these numbers immediately with the location you have seen him in. He will be scared and may be in need of Veterinary attention. Thank you very much.”

And so, eight long years went by and the owner and his family came to accept the fact that they’d probably never be reunited with their missing dog. But then, out of the blue, the call they’ve been longing for finally came.

A skinny dog was found in Birmingham, more than 300 miles away. The dog had no microchip or any other means of identification other than matching Kalvik’s description perfectly. Stevie was so excited when he got the call that he rushed to his car and drove 4 hours to see whether or not the missing dog was his long-lost four-legged pal.

Despite eight long years had gone by, and the dog was already 10 years old, Stevie hadn’t even the slightest doubt that this dog was Kalvik. The no longer missing pooch recognized his long lost owner immediately.

In an interview with The Metro, Stevie described the tear-jerking moment: “He came running over to me and started licking me like he’d seen me just yesterday. It was a very emotional reunion. I can’t quite believe it’s been more than eight years that he’s been gone but he has settled back in fine,”

Stevie was so excited to finally be reunited with Kalvik that he spent the first night with him cuddled on the sofa. While Kalvik still isn’t out of the woods and has a lot of weight to gain, he’s finally surrounded by the warm loving environment of the Rodger’s home, right where he belongs!

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