Miami Zoo Welcomes Newborn Meerkats for the First Time

South Miami-Dade zoo was ecstatic to introduce newborn meerkats to visitors. The sweet meerkats were born less than a month ago and are already considered as the zoo stars.

The Miami zoo is used to breeding and pregnancies and more newborns are continuously being born. However, these meerkats are the first of their kind to be fully born and raised in the zoo.

The zoo already has a few meerkats to showcase their audience, but they never thought that one of them would get pregnant. The eight-year-old meerkat, called Yam Yam, brought a lot of joy to the zoo after her birth. 

The staff and visitors enjoy the sweet sightings of the babies. They’re still very fragile, though, so no one exactly knows what gender they are. The baby meerkats have barely taken their first steps yet, so it’s clear that they still have a lot of growing up to do.

Another mystery that haunts us personally is the father’s identity. Since Yam Yam had three potential meerkat lovers, it’s pretty difficult to distinguish who she chose mated with. 

From recent sightings, the zoo’s staff assumes that the father is none other than Diego, a male meerkat that has lately been spending all his time with the little ones. 

Charming Diego spends so much time with his new crowd that at times the staff believes that he’s the real mommy in the story. 

It’s adorable to see Diego watching over the cutie patooties and guiding them towards adulthood. At night, he helps Yam Yam keep the charming babies warm.  

We all hope that this happy family will keep flourishing and enjoy a pleasant, serene life. 

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