Mexican City Fights To Eliminate The Phenomenon Of Stray Dogs

A Mexican city named Soledad is setting a great example to the whole world. While there are around 300,000 homeless dogs that live on the streets of Soledad and need primary care, the city decides to make a change for the better of them. 

 ‘ComeDog’ is one of the incredible programs that the city leads. In the program, the city works hand-in-hand with the citizens to benefit the lives of the strays. The City Hall, together with the citizens’ response groups, spread all over the city 15 food dispensers that provide food for hungry dogs and clean water for the thirsty ones.

Posted by Respuesta Ciudadana Soledad on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The food dispensers are made of PVC pipes that are filled with dry dog food that is mostly sponsored by the local community. The response groups are the ones who are responsible for keeping an eye on the food dispensers so that they maintain full daily.

The mayor Gilberto Hernandez Villafuente underlines that the cooperation of the community is the heart of the program of saving and carrying for the homeless dogs.

Posted by La Crónica de Oriente on Friday, January 25, 2019

In addition, the dog lover city has implemented the great initiative of the ‘Ambudog.’ The Ambudog is the first animal ambulance in Mexico which provides care to stray animals. Vets can now offer free care to the local strays. From vaccinations to neuter and spays, they work hard, so the lives of the homeless will be better. The main goal is eliminating the phenomenon of stray pets. 

Posted by La Crónica de Oriente on Friday, January 25, 2019

The Ambudog and the citizen groups are the first steps towards a better future of the homeless dogs. They aid to have zero strays in the street and that all dogs will have caring homes to call their own. 

The example that the city of Soledad sets inspires other cities to follow in their footsteps and initiate programs that help homeless pets.

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