Men Work Together To Rescue The Mother Dog And Her Pup From The Pit

The closest bond in life is the one between a mother and her baby. Most mommies, human or animal, will do anything to protect their most beloved youngster in the world. 

Recently, one canine mother accidentally fell into a water pit, along with her tiny puppy. The two didn’t notice it, because it was covered to make a sufficient trap against predators.

The mom tried to climb back up but to no avail. She started barking and wailing, hoping that someone will come. It was their only hope.

Fortunately, someone had spotted the two pooches, so help was on the way. Once the rescuers arrived, the mommy dog was so happy and relieved to see them. The closer they came, the more she wiggled her tail. 

Nevertheless, the dog was in quite a distressful state, and kept barking for help. Thanks to the rescue team, the mom was gaining her courage back calming down.

To rescue the two dogs, the team started to assemble a strategy. Then, one courageous rescuer had secured himself with straps and ropes, and began to climb down the pit, while holding his rope as if he were holding for dear life.

The first thing the rescuer wanted to do was to get the puppy out of the hole, so she won’t get hypothermia. Once he arrived at the bottom of the pit, he found a very welcoming female dog coming to greet him. It was evident that she knew he was coming to save her and her baby, and wanted to show her appreciation.

After a little petting, the rescuer held the puppy and asked the rescuers at the top of the pit to pull him up by his rope. After a lot of heavy lifting, the puppy was finally safe and sound!

The rescuer still had to climb back and get the mommy out of the pit. It looks like the dog mom knew that the rescuer would be back for her, because she was already wagging her tail and thanking him for saving her and her baby.

The mommy is deeply grateful to the humans who saved her. The moment she reached the ground, she ran straight to her puppy, to see that she’s ok and clean her up. Once she was free, she raced back to her rescuer and thanked him with a lot of love, and many adoring kisses.

The entire incident was recorded on video, click the video down below:

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