Meet Yogi: A Dog With A Human Face

We’ve all seen dogs that somewhat resemble their owners, but this pooch took it to a whole new level. Yogi has the personality of an ordinary dog, but a human face. Yogi has a pair of human-like eyes that stare at you with a mysterious gaze, brows that arch just like human brows, and lips that make him look as if his slightly smiling.

The one-year-old pooch lives with his mother, Chantal Desjardins, and his Shih Tzu sibling Daria in Massachusetts. Chantal, who at first thought nothing of her dog’s appearance, uploaded pictures of her dogs to social media. She had no idea that her picture will soon spark a lively discussion.

A friend of Chantal saw the picture and reuploaded it to a Reddit forum. Viewers were absolutely baffled by the humanoid-looking pooch. Some argued that the picture was a result of an accidental face-swap: “I laughed, then I got uncomfortable, now I’m rocking back and forth desperately trying to convince myself it’s just a face swap. [sic]”, one Redditor wrote. Some even speculated that Yogi is actually a cursed man that’s trapped inside a dog’s body. Either way, like anything else on the internet, it wasn’t long before people started comparing Yogi to celebrities.

In an interview with The Mirror, Chantal addressed the claims that the picture was edited and said: “It really isn’t [edited]. I’m not a photographer at all. I think it’s just his eyes and the way he’s looking at the camera”. She then continued to talk about Yogi’s personality: “He’s super happy. He loves to play and cuddle. It’s funny because I really didn’t see it before. I don’t really see him differently.”

Whether his looks scare you or not, at the end of the day, Yogi just wants to be petted and loved, just like any other dog.

Don’t miss the video of Yogi the dog with the human face:

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