Meet Walter, The Donkey That Thinks That He’s a Dog

Even though Walter the donkey is a local rockstar in his small town of Oatman, Arizona, the beginning of his life wasn’t glamorous at all.

Kelly Blake

After being rejected at birth by his mother, the desperate town locals tried everything they could for almost 10 hours, but his mother just refused to accept him.

Realizing there’s nothing they could do, the town’s residents decided to ask Brad and Kelly Blake if they would be interested in adopting him – their answer was in immediate – “YES!”.

Kelly Blake

Brad and Kelly’s 3 German Shepherds were happy to help house-train their new sibling, so much so, that now Walter truly believes that he’s a dog.

Walter’s canine-like behavior is apparent in almost everything he does; from the way he shows excitement, the way he eats and sleeps, but more than anything else the way he greets Brad after he returns from long business trips.

As soon as Walter sees him he runs towards him jumping up and down in excitement wiggling his tail joyfully.

Walter is now a happy fully-grown donkey, that loves to go on walks in the desert and run around with his fellow canine friends.

Visit Walter’s Facebook page and stay updated with his adventures

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