Meet The Cat Duchess And Her Baby Aristocats

Aristocats are back, big time!          

Texan Shelby Sewell-Lopez adopted a cat named Duchess who was in a bad condition. She had various diseases, but she was noble and calm through the whole healing process, she was spayed and got all the care she needed.

When the cute furry princess was found in an upstairs closet one day, she had something odd near her. At first, they thought it was a mouse but after approaching her, they realized that it was a tiny kitten. Soon, they discovered three more kitten siblings.

They named them Toulouse, Marie and Berlioz and then one more kitten had appeared, Blue.

The babies were lucky to have such a caring mother, she never leaves their sight and always watches out for them especially when they go explore the house. Now the Duchess is pretty spoiled because Shelby has been pampering her around the clock.

Shelby has realized that the baby cats look like characters from the Aristocats, a 1970 American animated romantic adventure musical comedy.

The genders even match the animated comedy’s characters, so they named them respectively after the characters.

Shelby and her husband decided to keep all the Aristocats and they lived happily ever after.

Handsome Berlioz

Cute Marie

Adorable Toulouse

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