Meet Roxy, a Pit Bull That Sets a Curfew Time For Her Human Dad!

Dog owner comes late one night and lectured by his dog about his time management! 

Pit Bulls are really the best dogs. Even though people usually see them as scary and aggressive, nowadays, the stereotype has started to simmer down. 

Nevertheless, Pit Bulls are still the most common at every shelter in the U.S. Lately, Pit Bulls have been given chances to work as K9 officers and therapy dogs at airports – two initiatives that seem quite promising, and could provide many Pit Bulls the forever home they’ve always longed for.

Some Pit Bulls, like Roxy, have already found their forever home and couldn’t be any happier. She loves to play and cuddle with her human dad all day long.

Whenever her human dad goes to work, Roxy is really sad, but she knows sure he’ll be back on time and usually waits for him patiently by the door.

One night, when her dad came home late, Roxy was very sad and upset. Thus she decided to let him know how she really feels. After waiting at home alone all day long, she decided she couldn’t go along with it as nothing had happened.

When Roxy’s dad approached to give her some attention after a long day at work, he was surprised to see Roxy was excited to see him, yet very upset.

“Roxy, did you miss me?” he asked dearly. Roxy instantly wiggled her tail and came closer, to enjoy some heavy petting. 

“You are such a daddy’s girl,” he thought to himself. Roxy’s dad is so happy that the two have such a loving, close relationship. He feels comfortable and safe coming home every day, knowing that he’s coming back to his beloved, loving daughter.

There’s no doubt that dogs are humans’ best friends and just as we do, they feel san and lonely at times, especially when they end up spending most of their days at home alone. 

If you think that your dog might feel this way, a great solution is to hire a dog walker who could come in the middle of the day, take the sweet pup for a walk, play with it and give the pooch all the love that it needs during the day. 

Another option is to ask a neighbor, friend, or family member for help. They could check on the dog to see whether it’s doing fine and even take the canine for a short stroll. We sure it would brighten its day. Any dog lover would love to come by and have fun with your pooch, that’s a guarantee.  

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