Meet Oreo Cloud, The Puppy That Looks Like A McFlurry

Yes, we know we’ve already written about the internet’s obsession with Oreo Pups, but this one was way too cute to ignore. World, meet Oreo Cloud, a four-months-old Chow-Chow, who recently became social media’s latest craze, and for all the right reasons.

The pup’s real name is Prince, but almost no one calls him that. His owner, Sara Hamilton, felt that given the fact that he’s as sweet as an Oreo Mcflurry and has the fluffiest coat, Oreo Cloud would be a much more suitable name.

Chief or Oreo Cloud, is a merle Chow-Chow. According to the records, he is a descendant of pure Chows, but it’s quite possible that one of his distant ancestors was either mixed or had a genetic defect. One thing’s for certain, his adorable looks rightfully earned him all the buzz that surrounds him. The pup has almost 50K followers on his Instagram page that adoringly follow his every adventure.

Don’t let the pup’s size fool you. Oreo cloud will eventually grow to be 85 pounds (or 83.5 Kg), but he’ll always remain his momma’s little furball. Hamilton wants to get him certified as a therapy dog for ill kids when he’ll grow a bit older. We are certain beyond any doubt that Oreo Cloud will make the perfect therapy dog. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to stroke this fluffball?

For the time being, the only thing Prince should be concerned about is enjoying infinite belly rubs and taking long naps with his momma in their sunny California home.

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