Meet ‘Madame Eyebrows’ the Happiest Grumpy-Looking Dog

This unique-looking English Bulldog from Germany took the internet by storm, with 137K followers on her Instagram account.

She was born with two spots right above her eyes that perfectly resemble human eyebrows, and righteously earned her the name – “Madame Eyebrows”.

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Trying to look friendly. *****

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Her human-like eyebrows make her appear as if she’s constantly grumpy and having the worst day of her life.

some breeds of dogs can express emotions by manipulating a ridge located above their eyes.

For instance, if your dog lowers his eyebrows – it usually means that he’s a bit angry if he raises one eyebrow – it means that he’s confused, and if he raises both his brows – it might suggest that he has seen something interesting.

With that being said, you shouldn’t take eyebrows’ appearance too seriously. According to her owner Janina, after spending a few minutes with her, you will come to realize that she’s a very happy and lively dog that loves to give kisses and run around the house wiggling her tail in excitement.

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