Meet Ikiru The Internet’s New King Of Blups

After first seeing pictures of the unusual-looking kitten on a breeder’s website, Rich and Emma of Yorkshire, England, knew Ikiru is the right match for them.

Named after father Rich’s favorite Akira Kurosawa film, Ikiru, which means ‘to live’ in Japanese, certainly lives up to his name. The lively kitty loves to run around the house and hide underneath sheets of paper, blankets or anything else he finds scattered around. His father describes him as being playful, grumpy (in the best way possible), but more than anything else, Ikiru is utterly amusing.

Rich and Emma figured that since their kitten makes them laugh from his hilarious expression every day, he could also do the same for others, but even they were surprised by people’s overwhelming responses to their feline.Ikiru now has his very own Instagram account that boasts 34K faithful followers. The couple gets messages from all over the world from people telling them that their kitty’s silly faces and bubbly personality, make them smile and lifts their mood daily.

Other fans who do not understand the cause of his wacky faces and expressions, even expressed their concern for the feline’s well-being. Emma assures them that everything is completely fine with Ikiru. Her vet even said she has the best teeth he’d ever seen. 

Now take a few amusing minutes to enjoy the compilation of Ikiru’s greatest pics:

That’s enough for today humans. Go away!

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