World, Meet Chonky And Lazy Xiang, The Real-Life Version Of Garfield

While he has more than 33K followers on his Facebook page, chonky and lazy Xiang couldn’t care less. He’s too busy lying around doing nothing!

The chubby cat lives with his owner in Taiwan. His name means lucky in Chinese, and he’s quite the lucky kitty.

Xiang started life as a stray and got into a fair share of fights in his early days. A good samaritan saw the injured feline and took him to the vet.

The vet diagnosed Xiang with FIV, which later caused him to lose most of his teeth. Xiang was back in 2016 and has been living with his loving owner ever since. See, we told you he was very lucky.

Apart from his hooman, Xiang shares his home with his feline sibling Shuai, which is Chinese for handsome.

Xiang may look like a munchkin kitty but he’s not. He’s just short, or maybe that’s just the way it looks because he’s so big.

More than anything else, Xiang likes to lay around all day and do nothing.

And despite getting more than enough sleep time, he spends most of his time sleeping.

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