Meet Chata, The Kitten Who’s Famous For His Comical Sleeping Patterns

Meet Chata, The Kitten Who’s Famous For His Comical Sleeping Patterns

Chata is a little calico Munchkin kitten, who’s adorableness is practically contagious.  This cutie loves to spend his nights sleeping in an absurd position, which took the web by storm. 

Although this tiny fluffball melts our hearts just by looking at its photos, it became viral on Instagram because of its unique sleeping position; just like Snoopy, or any of us really, he loves sleeping flat on his back!

Whether Chata is sitting down or sitting up, playing, or sleeping, the internet just can’t get enough of the little guy. His owner is very considerate and posts many beautiful images of the little Munchkin. The posts are under the Instagram handle   Chavata2023, and we’re already addicted!

As you can see, Chata has the most amazing eyes in the world!

The adorable sweetheart loves to sleep just like us, straight as a plank

He also loves to spend time with his kitty sister, Chava

Come on! He looks just like a tiny human sleeping! You can’t make such cuteness up, that’s for sure!

You can see he loves posing for the camera! Hello there!

All you want to do it tickle his little fluffy belly

He loves sleeping on the sofa or in bed with his owner

He’s sleeping so soundly, enjoying the dream world

And when Chata’s awake, he loves to model for us all day long! Yay! 

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