Meet 187-Year-Old Jonathan, Guess What He Is (Not A Vampire)

Have you ever met someone that was over 180 years old?

Teeny Lucy

Meet Jonathan, he is 187 years old and no, he is not a vampire, he is a Seychelles giant tortoise. Think about what this tortoise has been through; the First and Second World War, Louis Armstrong and Janis Joplin. Jonathan was born in 1832, so much has changed since that day- he has so many stories to tell us!

You wouldn’t believe it but this very cute turtle is the oldest-known animal out there. Since Jonathan is 187 years old, he is not going anywhere, he has been chilling on the relaxing island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic since 1880.

Teeny Lucy

Jonathan isn’t all by himself, he has people who take care of him. Meet Teeny Lucy, she’s the chairperson for the local SPCA. Teeny makes sure that Jonathan has all he needs in order to survive happily. She spoils him with fresh veggies and lots of love. Lucy calls Jonathan a local icon. She explains that he has seen generations of people come and go, experiencing events that to us are in the distant past.

Jonathan shares a relaxing life with his friends, he likes chilling on the stones, getting tanned under the warm sun and eating some grass. He is so famous that they even put his picture on their five pence coin.


Lucy says that this ancient tortoise has reached almost royal status. As long as people around him move slowly, he interacts with them in a friendly and dignified way.

Jonathan is a social individual that lives happily on the incredible island, despite his medical difficulties a few years back, he is now cured and back on his old strong feet.

Jonathan was fed on a weekly basis in order to supplement his nutrition once the local vet realized that his beak was getting soft and he was losing weight. Thankfully, he is back to normal.

Teeny Lucy

Jonathan loves and appreciates all the caretakers that watched over him during the past years, and the thing he likes the most is their yummy veggies.

Teeny Lucy

He has grown to recognize the people that care for him and reacts positively to their voices.

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