Meatloaf Saved a Puppy Thrown Behind a Garbage Can

Meatloaf is one of the best singers and actors in the world, and he’s still making his fans’ hearts burst with happiness each time he performs. During his last tour, Meatloaf’s team found an adorable little puppy, left behind a garbage can!

The poor soul was cold and hungry, and they’ve all decided that they had to save her, and grant her a temporary safe haven. The staff took the sweet canine to a vet’s office to see how she’s doing medically speaking. Thankfully, she was safe and sound.

The caring team decided to post the charming pup’s story on Facebook, in the hopes that someone will volunteer to provide her a loving forever home.

In the meantime, they’ve agreed to call her Little Ms. Karma and to cuddle her all day long.

The dedicated crew, along with Meatloaf, didn’t want to abandon the delightful pooch, so they’ve decided to care for her themselves for the rest of the tour. Suppose that was one thing that Meatloaf was willing to do for love.

Meatloaf and his staff showered Little Ms. Karma with love and affection. Unfortunately, the cute puppy was tired of life on the road, and everyone could see it. And so, after a lot of thought, one member from the Meatloaf family chose to adopt the little one, and bring her home with him to the ranch where he lives with his wife and daughters.

Thanks to Meatloaf and his staff, now Little Ms. Karma has a loving, warm forever home, human siblings to play with all day, and many friends that will cuddle her all night. What a happy ending!

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