“Mean” Pit Bull Was Given A Blanket Which Put Light Back Into His Eyes

“You never know what can grow from just one deed”.

Every shelter dog has its “mean” dog who most people are afraid of. Many judge them without understanding their frustration and endless loneliness.

Pit bull-type canines are usually categorized as dangerous and mean, while the truth is that their behavior is mainly affected by the way people tread them. Sadly, the bad reputation remains, and pit bulls are still overlooked.


Karri McCreary, a vet and animal rescuer at Vet Ranch, decided to pay one rescue dog a visit at an underfunded shelter that faces tough times of a huge shortage of vaccines. When she arrived at the Greenville Animal Shelter in Greenville, Texas, she saw something else than other people saw, a sad and lonely dog.

The kind vet gave the poor pooch a blanket and a bed, and the “mean” dog was over the moon. It put the light back in his eyes, and he was so thankful for her donations.


As soon as he got his blanket, he started to play, roll, and snuggled up on it. He started to seem like a regular dog who didn’t have any behavior issues. McCreary left him the blanket and watched him enjoying her heartful gift.


Although the small and precious moment seemed to be quite brief, it turned Big Boo’s life around. 

The compassionate vet wrote on Facebook about her meaningful encounter with Big Boo, and it immediately started to spread like wildfire. The sweet pooch received lots of attention, and the internet community was left heartbroken by his situation.

Soon after the post was shared, it had amassed thousands of reactions, and adoptive families’ inquiries started pouring in. Happily, an incredible family was found! An animal lover read about Big Boo’s story and decided to take him home forever.

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