Max The Great Dane, Throws A Tantrum When Dinner Is Late

Sticking to a strict feeding routine is healthy for dogs. It helps to prevent overeating, as the dogs know exactly when to expect their next meal and significantly lowers the chances of the owner ever forgetting to feed their doggos. But it also helps dogs develop a quite accurate sense of time. This Great Dane for example knows exactly when his dinner is late, and he doesn’t shy away from expressing how he feels about it.

Even when sticking to a perfectly timed routine, most dogs aren’t too fussy about the precise time of their walks. It’s only when it comes to irregularities in their feeding times that they become a lot less forgiving. If you need any proof of that, just take Max the Great Dane for example.

Max, the Great Dane in this next video, is clearly used to having dinner served at 5 p.m sharp. His owners, who were busy entertaining their guests, missed his feeding time by only 8 minutes. It was enough to make Max mad. Very mad.

The precious Great Dane is seen whining loudly at his owner and refusing to get out of the kitchen. When his dad teases him a bit and starts asking him questions instead of giving him his boiled chicken, Max protests some more and whines even louder.

After high fiving his dad and whining a little more, the adorable Great Dane eventually got his boiled chicken. After watching the video, we’re sure that his owners won’t be late to serve him his dinner again any time soon…

Don’t miss Max’s adorable tantrum in the video below:

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