Man With No Legs Leaves His Wheelchair To Rescue An Endangered Cat

This is unbelievable. Some people would go above and beyond to save an animal’s life. This incredible human being has inspired many with his determination to do it.
Meet Abu Fathiyyaturahma Menk Abdun Mujtahid. He’s a 30-year-old hero who lives in Sabah, Malaysia. Recently he was captured doing an outstanding act of kindness; saving a kitten that was stuck in a drain.
As soon as he realized there was a cat who needed help, he got out of his wheelchair, despite the fact he was unable to walk.

Nothing stopped him from rescuing the hapless cat. As he got off his wheelchair, he used his hands to push himself closer to the storm drain. But when he realized he was too far from it, he tried a different position that would allow him to rescue the kitten.

When he came closer, he was able to see the poor cat, fighting to climb back up, barely holding on. The hero reached his arm in, grabbed it, and pulled it out back to safety.

Luckily, Abu’s friend who was at the scene who was also in a wheelchair captured the inspiring rescue on camera (Scroll down to watch the incredible video).
Abu had to go back to his wheelchair, so he left the rescued kitten on the grass for a few seconds and went back to his wheelchair. The kitten was terrified by the whole situation, so it ran away from the scene.

It’s hard to express how moving the video is. Thank you, Abu, for being more than a hero!
Here’s the inspiring video:

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