Man Walks the Streets of Mexico With a Trolly to Save Homeless Dogs

If there was a list of the most incredible people in the world, Edgardo Perros would be at the top of that list.

The big-hearted man was born and raised in Mexico and has a lot of love and devotion for canines. 

In 2013, Perros decided to embark on a fantastic endeavor on his motherland: he was determined to walk through the country, which spreads across 9,500 miles, to provide stray dogs help everywhere he goes. 

Stuart Williams, The Yogi Photographer

The man headed on his journey with nothing but a trolley, but had enough willpower to walk through fire to fulfill his cause. He purchased a lot of dog food and medicine to rehabilitate many dogs in need.

Whenever Edgardo spotted a dog along the way, he gave him water, food, tried to supply him with the best medical care that he could, and to find him a loving forever home, which will take him off the streets. His biggest hope was that these dogs won’t stay homeless.

Stuart Williams, The Yogi Photographer

Edgardo has assisted over 500 dogs until today, and he still has 900 miles left to accomplish his mission. He spent the last six years caring for canines all over Mexico while walking over 8,500 miles. 

To afford food and water, Edgardo worked here and there during his journey and asked for people’s help along the way. Once someone heard about Edgardo’s goal, he found support and comfort in others.

Edgardo hopes that his mission raises awareness on the hardships homeless canines go through. Edgardo believes that they’re not to blame for their misfortune and that all people should try and help them the best way they can.

Dogs are giant hearts, who deserve to be loved and to have a roof over their heads, just like humans do. If you could spare them some room in your home and in your heart, you would find that they will love you more than anyone, and will do so unconditionally. 

Edgardo can’t believe that some people are cruel enough to mistreat dogs, and pitties them for their wicked ways. 

Stuart Williams, The Yogi Photographer

Edgardo plans to finish his trip eventually, but he’ll never stop caring for dogs. He wishes to keep trying to rehabilitate as many canines as possible, and to find them the best forever homes they could possibly hope for. What an amazing man!

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