Man ‘Walks’ His Paralyzed Dog Every Single Day

The bond between a dog and his owner is one that cannot be expressed in words

and as our dogs get older, we do everything we can to assure they’re as comfortable as possible. This man ‘walks’ his paralyzed dog every single day, by dragging him around in a wagon, and it’s just as heartwarming as you can imagine.

Bryan Thompson of Shubie Park, Dartmouth, Massachusetts, was enjoying a casual evening walk around his neighborhood when a peculiar sight caught his eye. A man was pulling his dog around in a wagon, while the letter was covered in blankets from head to toe. The man instantly pulled out his camera and snapped a few pictures of the unusual scene.

The pictures didn’t satisfy Bryan’s curiosity, so he went up to the man to ask him what it was all about. The man said that his dog suffered from degenerative myelopathy, AKA canine ALS. Just like in humans, canine ALS causes the spine to slowly become more and more compressed, ultimately resulting in the dog being fully paralyzed.

This is unfortunately what happened to this sweet pooch. After trying numerous other approaches to walking his doggo, the owner, who didn’t want him to miss out on the world outside, came to the conclusion that a wagon offers his dog the best experience.

Thompson was especially touched by the story when he discovered that this was not a one-off occasion. It wasn’t even something that happened once or twice a week. This devoted man ‘walks’ his paralyzed dog every single day!

When Thompson expressed his appreciation after finding out about those daily ‘walks’, he was answered with a statement he’ll never forget. The man told Thompson that if the roles were reversed, he doesn’t have even the slightest doubt that the dog would’ve done the same for him. And we think that this sentence pretty much sums up what it means to be a dog owner! Good job!

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