Man Wakes Up In The Middle Of The Night To Find A Stray Pup In His Living Room

Between all the bad things that could happen to someone who leaves his front door open overnight, ending up with an adorable puppy in the living room is, without a doubt, the best possible scenario.
It all started at 4 a.m on a stormy Saturday night when Jack Jokinen was awakened by his wife. As a father of a 2-month-old baby, Jack was no stranger to mid-night wakeups, but this time it was different. Jack’s wife said – ‘The baby’s OK … but there’s a puppy in our house.’

Very confused, Jack carefully made his way downstairs. He remembered locking the house after taking his 2-year-old dog George out for an evening walk, so he was naturally afraid that the dog wasn’t the only one who entered his house.

After one last thorough security check, Jack went to the living room to greet his uninvited, yet very welcomed guest. The pooch appeared very malnourished and dirty, so Jack and his wife fed, bathed, and set a nice dry and warm area for him to sleep.

There was just one last mystery to solve before Jack could go back to bed comfortably – how did the pooch get in the house in the first place? Thankfully Jack’s security cameras soon unvailed the truth.

The security camera footage shows Jack returning from his evening walk with George and closing the door, which (thankfully) didn’t latch. As the storm intensified later that night, the wind blew the door open. At 3:16 a.m the dog, who was later named Suzy, is seen walking outside, searching for a shelter from the rain. The hesitated for a few seconds and took a leap of faith into the Jokinen’s warm and cozy home.

About 30 minutes later a good samaritan passed by their house and noticed that the front door is open. The man checked that everything’s OK and there are no signs of a break-in, before closing the door shut. Jack said that if it wasn’t for that man, Suzy might have left before they were able to help her.

The next day the couple looked at Suzy and knew that they couldn’t just surrender her to a shelter and forget about her. They took her to the vet and learned that the so-called pup was, in fact, a 9-year-old dog. Suzy had a severe infection in one of her paws, some dental issues, and was covered in fleas and ticks from head to tail.

Jack Tweeted about the new member of his family and started a fundraising campaign to help cover all of the pooch’s medical fees. Amazingly, people all over the world were touched by Suzy’s story and donated over $15,000.

Suzy now has a safe and warm place to call her own and she’s slowly gaining back her weight thanks to the loving care of the Jokinen’s and, of course, that of social media.

Watch Jack Jokinen tell the story in the video below:

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