Man Tries To Get A “Lost” Dog Back Home Till He Reads His ID Tag

Tyler was walking down the streets of Kentucky, the U.S. minding his own business when he suddenly spotted an adorable Golden Labrador wandering around by himself.

The sweet man went over to the adorable canine and checked his body, to see how he was. Tyler believed that the pooch was a stray, and wanted to help him find a shelter or a home.

This wasn’t the first time that Tyler met this cutie dog: he had been seeing him wandering through the area for the past few weeks. However, this time was different, since the adorable pooch decided to come to Tyler and sit next to him as if he was trying to make friends. 

Since his fur looked nice and groomed, he believed that the canine was probably lost, and wanted to help him find his forever family.

When Tyler had noticed that the Golden Labrador had an ID tag, he was quite relieved and knew that his mission was about to be easy. Little did he know that this ID tag would reveal the truth about the sweet dog – the fact that he was never lost in the first place!

The kind-hearted man looked at the ID tag to check who is his owner, only to read the clear and incredible message on it: “My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.”

Evidently, friendly Dew was never lost, but just likes to wander the streets, see the world, see the sights, and most importantly – meet as many people as possible!

The canine is a genuinely brave explorer, and his family loves it. Over time, the adorable pooch has made many friends in the streets and put a smile on so many faces.

Whenever sweet Dew is tired, he simply turns around and goes back to his forever home all by himself. What an independent and clever dog!

At home, Dew’s loving family waits for him and they never worry, because they know their smart canine will surely find his way back home after he’s done with his fun and exciting adventures.

Just in case, the family did put a chip and a GPS tracker on Dew’s collar, to make sure that they’ll always find him, even if he decides to take his explorer too far.

What an adorable family! We hope that they’ll stay as joyful as they’re in the picture forever.

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