Man Takes In Pregnant Stray And Gives Her Kittens A Better Start At Life

Sometimes a small act of kindness turns out to be much more than expected. Such is the case of the mother cat in our next story. After spending her life on the streets of Montreal, a man finally takes in the pregnant stray and gives her kitties a better and brighter chance at life.

Man Takes In A Pregnant Stray And Save Her Three baby Kittens
Chatons Orphelins Montréal

The first one to spot the sneaky calico street cat was Claire, a shop owner from Montreal, Canada. She saw the stray hiding underneath her car outside her shop. The cat was terrified and covered in dirt, so Claire brought her into the office. There, the kind woman fed and bathed the poor stray. It seemed that life on the street drained the cat of energy, as she fell asleep within a few seconds of finishing her meal.

After closing the shop, Claire took the stray to the vet. The vet found no microchip, but she did have some surprising news. It turns out that Claire didn’t just save one life, but four! Claire knew she had to give the stray the best environment possible for delivering her babies. She named her Ciboulette, which is French for chive, and took her home.

Much to her despair, Claire could not keep Ciboulette. Her good friend Hadrien, on the other hand, was more than happy to help after hearing the cat’s story. It didn’t take the once-stray long to settle at his place. Within a few moments of her arrival, Ciboulette already cuddled against her new foster dad, demanding his attention.

Fast forward a few weeks, it was time for Ciboulette to deliver her babies. The cat mewed and called her foster dad to keep her company while she was giving birth. It was then that Hadrien realized how much he actually meant to her. The man brought her food and water and watched as she delivered her first two kittens. A couple of hours later, the newly made mother delivered her third and final baby. Her babies, now named Arbok, Mary, and Minci, were born with extra toes, just like their mother.

Arbok was the only male and the most playful of the bunch. He would jump on his sisters, attempting to lure them into playing with him.

Mary was the most peaceful of them all. She could spend whole days climbing everything she can get her claws on. When she’d get tired, Mary loved to cuddle and purr herself to sleep.

Minci shared the most resemblance to her mother and grew up to be a stunner just like her.

Hadrien couldn’t believe how fast the kitties grew. It was only a couple of weeks before the mischievous litter stopped following their mother, and started to explore every corner of the house on their own.

This allowed Hadrien to spend more time with his foster kitty and fall in love with her even more. Hadrien eventually came to realize that he wanted to make Ciboulette a permanent member of his family, so he adopted her.

All three kittens found their warm, loving forever homes!

Watch them play adorably in the video below:

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