Man Tackles 350-Pound Black Bear To Save His Pitbull Puppy

Nature can be cruel and unforgiving. This next California man recently got his brief moment of fame after he shared his story about how he tackles a 350-pound black bear to rescue his beloved Pitbull pup.

It was a lovely Thanksgiving Eve afternoon when Kaleb Benham went outside to play with his four-legged buddy, Buddy. The two had no way of knowing that their casual playing session will soon turn into a horrific fight for dear life

Buddy was playing only a few feet from his owner when a deep growling sound emerged from amidst the trees. In a matter of seconds, a black bear appeared behind the helpless doggo, caught him in his mouth, and started to drag him away from his owner.

As it soon turned out, the bear was right to try and get away from Benham. within seconds, the fearless man got up and charged the hungry beast. People online were shocked to hear how the man tackles the wild black bear without any second thoughts or hesitation. To Benham, of course, it was the most trivial course of action.

 “I just ran down there, plowed into the bear, tackled it and grabbed it by the throat and started hitting it in the face and the eye until it let go.” The man later described the nerve-racking moment he faced the 350-pound beast.

It was only when he freed Buddy from the grip of the bear that Benham could assess the damage done to his poor doggo. The man immediately rushed his dog to the nearest vet.

Just a quick glimpse at the pooch was enough for the vet to send him to undergo excessive surgery to treat all the wounds that covered his face. Three hours later, Buddy was all stitched up and ready to begin his long journey for recovery.

Benham concluded his post with a message to anyone who doesn’t understand his act of heroism: “If it was your kid, what would you do? That’s my kid, I would die for my dog.” Good job on being such a great pet parent Kaleb Benham, keep it up!

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