Man Shocked to Come Home from Work and Find Kitten Chillin’ in His Favorite Chair

We all have these morning every once in a while. We forget to set the alarm and wake up the next day in panic when we find out that we’re running late. This is exactly how the day of a San Diego man by the name of Nigel (aka:  @Nigeltown) started, but there’s no
way he could have guessed how it was going to end.
When Nigel returned home that evening he was stunned to discover he’s not alone. He was greeted by a pair of big bright eyes that were checking him out from head to toe.
Nigel forgot to close his bedroom window that morning, and a sneaky cat found his way in. By the time Nigel returned from work, the visitor was already feeling right at home.

Nigel figured the cat must be hungry, so he ran to the closest pet store and bought the kitten some food and supplies.

Since the kitten had no collar or any other means of identification, Nigel decided to take him to the vet to see if he has a microchip, but they couldn’t find one, so after receiving a short treatment for worms and fleas the two returned home.

Nigel became more and more familiar with the idea that the visitor was here to stay, and decided to name him ‘Buddy’.

According to Nigel “Buddy immediately took to his new surroundings and sits on or around me whenever he needs a break from tearing around my place like a demon cat”.
Nigel added that “he seems to love his new place. My Buddy boy. He adopted me.”

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