Man Saves Seven Puppies He Found Starving On A Deserted Island

Junior Cook loves to explore the great rivers and lakes of Manitoba, Canada. When Cook and his friend heard peculiar noises coming from a seemingly deserted island, he initially thought nothing of it. It wasn’t long before the kind man saves the lives of seven starving puppies he found on that island and gives them a new start at life.

The Man Saves The Lives Of Seven Puppies

The first time Cook and his friend sailed past the tiny island, they heard strange noises coming from it. Knowing that it was uninhabited, the two never gave it much thought and carried on their way. The strange noises haunted the man that night, so he decided to return to the island the following day and investigate.

The next day, everything became clear. When the two neared the island, a litter of seven puppies that were crying of starvation greeted them. The puppies clearly had no previous human contact, as they feared the two, and ran away from them. Cook contacted Norway House Animal Rescue, who were willing to help rescue the pups off the island. They weren’t the least surprised hearing his story though. “This is not an isolated case and happens daily in Manitoba and all over the world,” they later posted on their Facebook page.

Man Saves Seven Puppies He Found On A Seemingly Deserted Island

After learning how timid and hungry the puppies were, the staff of the rescue group advised the men not to remove the pups from the island yet. Instead, they told them to visit the puppies daily and give them food. The puppies needed time to adapt to human presence before leaving the island. 

Thankfully, the two men found the puppies just in time. They wouldn’t have survived much longer without the two’s help. On the first day, the puppies inhaled a large bag of dog food in minutes. It took them a couple of days, but the adorable pups eventually learned to trust the two kind men. “They’re getting better with people now, which is a good thing because they were terrified of them when they first came,” Cook said.

After a week or so, the two rescued the pup off the island. The puppies were then taken into custody by the Norway House Animal Rescue (NHAR), who will find them forever homes as soon as they’ll be ready. “They are receiving medical treatment for lice, tapeworm and malnourishment at this time and will be placed up for adoption when healthy.” Said a representative of the rescue group.

The Seven Puppies The Man Saves Were Named After Characters Of A 60's TV Show

The staff of the NHAR named the puppies Ginger, Mr. Howell, Lovely, Ginger, The Professor, Mary-Anne, and, of course, Gillian, referencing the 60’s TV show Gillian’s Island.

Check out this video showing how the man saves the seven puppies here:

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