Man Receives a Surprising Present After His Dog Passes Away

When we bring dogs into our lives our daily routine is automatically changed, they become an everyday part of our lives; we go out for walks, snuggle with them on the couch and feed them with yummy dog food.

Once our dogs pass away there’s a hole in our lives, our daily routine is changed again and it’s hard to cope with the new saddening reality. Even mundane tasks can be distressing and hard to fill.

What do we do with their belongings? Do we donate them or is it too much to handle? Some might keep them and some might throw it away. But Joseph Inabnet didn’t want to throw Bailey’s food away, he thought that some other dog might enjoy his food so he brought it back to the Chewy store

The staff asked him why did he bring it back so he told them that Bailey has passed away. Their reaction was incredible, soon, they told him to donate it and refunded him although he didn’t expect them too. That wasn’t the most compassionate thing they did.

After he brought Bailey’s food back to the store, he went back home thinking it was the last time he’ll hear from them

After a while, Inabnet received a mysterious package from the same store, he didn’t know what to expect. What he found inside the package was unbelievable- a painting of Bailey and a heart-melting card “It’s hard to say goodbye to a loved one. They will always be remembered and cherished. With heartfelt sympathy, ‘Pets come into our lives, leave Paw Prints on our hearts and we are forever changed.”

Chewy’s team wanted that Inabnet will have something touching that will remind him of his best friend.

Inabnet was speechless, their concerns weren’t taken for granted. He wanted to share his feelings with the world, so he posted the story on Facebook with the attachment of the card hoping to spread some positivity, honor Bailey, and moreover, support Chewy.

Positive deeds are contagious, it took just a few days ‘till the post went viral; Over 60k people have shared it and over 100k liked it. It was an extraordinary tribute to cherish Bailey’s life and help Chewy to get more customers.

Chewy’s compassion made people want to go there and be their new customers. Their good deed turned out to be their best ad they could have ever make.

Chewy’s Response to Inabnet’s Post 

Beloved Bailey

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