Man Pulls Out Pit Bulls From Animal Shelters And Establishes A Pit Bull Sanctuary

Many believe that some dog breeds are dangerous, and as a result, they are being discriminated against when it comes to adoptive families and animal shelters. But a passionate animal advocate, Jason Flatt decided to establish a facility sanctuary for those sweet pups.

The advocate from Paulding County, Georgia, has recently bought a 46-acres piece of land to build a facility devoted only for pits and pit bull mixes.

The dedicated man finds pit bulls in dog shelters and takes them in. With the help of a small team, he cares for them at his own home, which has many dog kennels.


Most of his rescue dogs have experienced some kind of trauma, and they work to ease their emotional pain. He aims to change the pit bull narrative and by that, hopefully preventing people from discriminating against them. 

He says that most people believe that pit bulls are deadly, and their main problem is that many humans are uneducated.

A shocking stat of about 80% of Georgia’s shelter dogs is pit bulls or pit bull mixes is just unacceptable.


The sky is the limit! Flatt wants that each dog would have a 50-foot run space. He aims to make special departments for rehabilitation to help pit bulls find forever families once they are ready. An indoor play and a vet is also something he would like to have, and it seems like nothing holds him back from achieving his goals.

He is working to raise money and hopes to set a new milestone within the next few years.

Flatt and his team go above and beyond to save as many pit bulls as they can and work hard to find them a loving home. Needless to say that it is a no-kill facility, and dogs who won’t find a home will stay and will always be taken care of.

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